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Choosing your first fly rod can be a very daunting experience as there are so many rods available!

Fly rods vary greatly in length, from around 6' to 15'. It is very important to match not only your rod and line but also the size of leader and tippet to the size of fly you are using. Each rod is rated by line weight according to the AFTM system (Association of Fishing Tackle Manufacturers) which runs from 1 - 16, 1 is for the smallest fish in small streams with the smallest flies, and 16 being for the larger saltwater fish.

Here are some examples:

  • An 8 foot river rod in a 3/4 weight would be best on a small to medium sized river for Trout and Grayling fishing.
  • A 9 foot 5/6 weight would suit small still water venues up to around 4 or 5 acres in size.
  • A 9' 6" or 10' rod rated 6/7 or 8 weight would be better suited for larger still waters and big rivers
  • An 11 footer is a great boat rod and a 6 footer is perfect for an expert on small streams and creeks
  •  A 15' double handed 10 weight is normal for salmon fishing

The size of your rod depends on both what you are fishing for and also where you are fishing.  Rod 'Action' is also very important when buying a  rod. From fast, tip action or tip-flex to slow or full-flex - there are many available. Often a medium or mid-flex action rod is best suited to beginners as it offers a more 'forgiving' feel. Nowadays a 4 section rod is the most popular as its handy for ease of both travelling and storeage. and section line up marks are useful for putting your rod together.

Before you buy we always recommend you try as, waving a rod around or pressing it against the floor or ceiling will tell you nothing about how the rod will handle with a line attached  - visit your local  dealer or a qualified instructor get advice and then try before you buy.


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